I am a big reader – ever since I was a kid I’ve had my nose in a book as often as not. I decided it would be worthwhile to start trumpeting great books out there that may have escaped your notice!

The Twig Stories which are written by Jo Marshall and beautifully illustrated by D. W. Murray are a wonderful way to introduce kids (and possibly yourself) to the fascinating world of the forest ecosystem.

Using the adventures of a small creatures called “Twigs” – and particularly a Twig named Leaf – we learn about forest fires and the natural balance within the natural world. There are four books total (at present writing).

You can find out more about the books and the themes the books explore at Jo Marshall’s website: https://twigstories.com/

Both the writing and the illustrations are marvelous. High adventure, the importance of taking care of your family and friends, and bravery – all exploring how important it is to take care of this amazing planet we live on.

Book 1Buy Here
Book 2Buy Here
Book 3Buy Here
Book 4Buy Here

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