Strange the Dreamer & Muse of Nightmares

Strange the Dreamer and the follow-up book, Muse of Nightmares both exist in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy’s universe, but are entirely unrelated story and character-wise… and is even set in a different world (if that doesn’t make you confused). It is a duology. The story wraps up in two books.

These at times (possibly) get more poetic than the trilogy does – the language almost wants to be read out loud at times. Lazlo Strange dreams of other places and other peoples. He dreams of learning more about a strange city called Weep – but only because everyone has forgotten the city’s name and location.

Again, Laini Taylor creates a sweeping adventure, impossible romance, and complex ideas. How do you fight hate when everyone involved has valid reasons for their hate? These are two beautiful books and even though I very much enjoyed the trilogy, I was more trapped in the intimacy of these two books. Book one ends on quite the cliff-hanger. Just warning you…

I much prefer the cover designs on the books when they were first released. But, c’est la vie. You can still buy the original covers if you choose other hardcover formats on Amazon.

You can buy Strange the Dreamer with original cover here!

and Muse of Nightmares with original cover here!

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