By Paul Manchester

I thought a poem would be just the thing to help folks pronounce Pete Buttigieg’s name.

To live in a nation where leaders are smart –
embracing new tech that’s in league with the heart­ –
The future is young. Yes, the future is bold.
Our climate solutions might very well hold
the wealth in that future and industries new!
New jobs to be claimed! Our death to eschew.
While old men pour oil in the swamp that they dredge,
I welcome the voice of a Pete Buttigieg.

The Old Orange Divider is sowing discord.
His chosen AG now calls him, his Lord.
The pious defend their crotch grabbing prez,
and seem to be deaf unto much that he says.
His trade wars heat up, earth’s future unheeded –
Yes, now is the time that new voices are needed!
While greed is fast pushing the world to the edge,
I welcome the voice of a Pete Buttigieg.

It’s civil, it’s measured. It’s seasoned with thought.
He says what he thinks, and not what he ought.
He might lack experience in dodging the draft,
and losing dad’s money (honed to a craft) –
but Pete is respectful. He listens with care.
It’s quite hard to miss his clear choice to be fair.
While others throw mud pies and worship a wedge,
I welcome the voice of a Pete Buttigieg.

Blue options are many, I’ll not throw them shade.
If they are the choice, I’ll give them my aid.
But if I’m in a jeep and crossing Kabul
a route through the danger’s a flexible tool.
The route needs to vary – to be a survivor –
I need to know first that I can trust my driver.
Yes, roadmaps and end goals are useful to pledge –
But, I trust in the traits of a Pete Buttigieg.

The Orange One – he trusts his gelatinous gut,
inflated with ego, cheap burgers, and smut.
But Pete – well, he thinks on a whole other strata –
choosing to trust expert research and data.
With language and travel he’s seen many nations –
he’s truly equipped for foreign relations.
Our world is a mess.
We’ve a future to fledge.
I welcome the voice of a Pete Buttigieg.


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