I’ve worked on a number of books, and I’ve a few coming out over the next year. There’s a collection of my poems that have been popular, but were not kid friendly enough for Pursuits of Whimsey. This collection will include my humorous housekeeping poems – including my funny tribute to Dirty, Dirty Dishes; and The Request – my epic poem about my actual quest for a notorious memento in Paris, also The Water of Life; as well as a host of other humorous and embarrassing bits of neurosis captured in verse. I have a bit of drawing to do before Whimsey & Demons will be ready to go.

Pursuits of Whimsey
written & illustrated by Paul Manchester

Life is wonderfully ridiculous at times and we each bring our own special brand of crazy into the mix. Whether you are a curious kid, or an adult who hasn’t entirely admitted to growing up, this illustrated collection of humorous stories in verse is just for you.

If you are growing sentient fungi in your shower, looking for the perfect spot to bake in the sun, or sometimes doubt you are the amazing person you know you could be, Pursuits of Whimsey will provoke and amuse you. Join Mildred the Miserable Mermaid, Blair (with the incredible flair), Betsy Duff, Ryder the Spider and a host of others in some playful word-play that is entertaining, poignant and worth the visit. Wonderful stories.

Readers have said, “This is Fantastic!”, “DELIGHTFUL!!!! What a treat!”, “A bright light on a cloudy day!”

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In the window of No Roses Gallery in Sherman Oaks

Pursuits Of Whimsey
Hardcover, Illustrated
6” x 9”, 96 pages
$20.00 (includes shipping within the US)

I don’t sell the hardcover via Amazon as the logistics just aren’t practical. I had the book privately printed and it turned out quite beautifully. I’m a bit of a bibliophile and needed it to be a well-made book.

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A collection of witty tales and verse to amuse and inspire! Includes favorites like BLAIR & HIS INCREDIBLE FLAIR, LITTLE BETSY DUFF, RYDER THE SPIDER and more. The tales consistently surprise and delight with clever word play and memorable characters.

Did I say it is fun? It is really fun.

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Parenting Rules
by Ryan O’Quinn, illustrated by Paul Manchester

Ever been a parent? Ever known a parent? Ever had a parent? This book will slay you! If your kids have not already. Get ready to discover how only a finely honed sense of humor can help you navigate the most intense, absurd, and (yes) rewarding experience ever invented: parenting. You will realize that despite all of the craziness, at the end of the long, diaper-filled day, parenting rules! You are not alone in the outrageous, befuddling, occasionally humiliating experience of raising small children into larger children and then (hopefully) self-supporting adults. You will Amen! and laugh your way through these pages as comedian Ryan O’Quinn tells of real life scenarios that took place in his actual home with actual children. You will gain deep understanding of the rules of parenting such as: At some point you will sit on the toilet with a kid on your lap, Blocks of time can be measured in Cheerios, You will S-P-E-L-L things aloud to other adults when you do not need to, If you have multiple kids, they will fight over [insert any noun], Pregnancy brain never goes away–for husbands either.

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Marriage Rules!: The Hilarious Handbook for Surviving Marriage
by Ryan O’Quinn, illustrated by Paul Manchester

Getting Married? Newlyweds? Been Married for 50 years? Whether you are currently in the throes of wedded bliss or you aspire to walk the aisle one day, this book will give you a hilarious perspective to navigate the ups-and-downs and sometimes sideways roller coaster ride we call marriage. 

You start with a fairytale idea of what marriage will be like; then reality and life happens… and all that entails. By finding the humor in everyday situations, comedian Ryan O’Quinn has discovered the secret to happily ever after. Only a finely honed sense of humor can help you survive the insanity of the M word!

Regardless of your station, you can count on these 150 “rules” of marriage happening to you. Such as:

  • You will learn to clap loudly for your spouse.
  • Love scenes in the movies are not realistic!
  • Men want to be on a throne, women want to be on a pedestal… and they both want alone time on the toilet.
  • You will need to date your spouse.
  • Marriage is a contract for someone else to call you out on your junk.
  • This is not the person you married…and that is okay.
  • Husbands will lie about golf and dinners.

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