Art Gallery

A few samples of art I created for various sitcoms from many years back. These shows often require fictitious businesses and products.

A few of many concept illustrations I’ve created for a new book that I’ve written coming out really soon… looks like May 2020. Just doing final prep to the Kindle and print files.

The actual book will not be illustrated. I’ve gone back and forth on this and I’ve found that the illustrations mistakenly suggest a story for younger readers. But, it is not really intended for really young readers… I would say it is for readers 15 and up. The number of images also make the Kindle delivery size a little problematic. But readers will be able to check out concept images here on my website if they are curious.

Perhaps down the line after I have finished a lot more images for the 450 page book, I’ll create a hardbound with all the color images within. At the present I only have about 12 images completed and I think I’d like to create another 12. Lots of creatures and places to draw still.

But then I also want to get writing on the next installment of Jack and Finn’s adventures!