Paul Manchester writes stories and draws pictures.

Paul has created humorous art for a variety of TV shows including MadTV where he was on staff for the pilot and first couple of seasons. He painted scenery and sculpted props for a variety of TV shows. He has also created artwork for ABC’s CASTLE, THE MAN SHOW, RIMBA’S ISLAND, SURVIVOR, among many others. Paul created the environments and props for Disney’s Healthy Kids website, and was set designer for the CLUB DISNEY franchises in Denver and Phoenix. He was Art Director for Animax Interactive where he created animated interactive experiences for Disney, Beanie Babies, Ty Girls, Nickelodeon, and many other clients. As a storyteller, Paul has been performing for years at schools, libraries, coffee houses, for both children and adult audiences. Paul has performed his humorous verse many times at the Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. He has a BA in Theater Arts from San Jose State University where he focused on scenery and costume.

His musical play IN THE TOYBOX has been produced twice, along with assorted short one acts.

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